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Dietary Fatty Acids Affect Red Blood Cell Membrane Composition and Red Blood Cell ATP Release in Dairy Cows

  • revskij, denis
  • haubold, susanne
  • viergutz, torsten
  • kröger-koch, claudia
  • tuchscherer, armin
  • kienberger, hermine
  • rychlik, michael
  • tröscher, arnulf
  • hammon, harald m.
  • schuberth, hans-joachim
  • mielenz, manfred
Publication Date
Jun 05, 2019
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, providing conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) or the combination of the supplements, EFA + CLA) for six weeks, followed by a three-week washout period. In trial 2, we analysed RBC ATP release, flotillin-1, and the membrane protein abundance of pannexin-1, which is involved in ATP release as the last part of a signalling cascade. In trial 1, the total amount of n-3 FA in RBC membranes decreased and the flotillin-1 abundance increased over time. In trial 2, the RBC n-3 FA amount was higher after the six-week infusion period of EFA or EFA + CLA. Furthermore, depending on the dosage of FA, the ATP release from RBC increased. The abundance of flotillin-1 and pannexin-1 was not affected in trial 2. It is concluded that changes of the membrane FA composition influence the RBC function, leading to altered ATP release from intact bovine RBC.

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