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Fluorescence spectroscopy of 9-anthroyloxy fatty acids in solvents

Chemistry and Physics of Lipids
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DOI: 10.1016/0009-3084(94)90083-3
  • 9-Anthroyloxy Fatty Acids
  • Multi-Harmonic Frequency Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence Lifetime
  • Hydrogen-Bonding
  • Physics


Abstract A series of anthroyloxy fatty acid (AF) fluorescent probes, with the anthroyloxy group covalently linked at various positions along the alkyl chain, were studied in solvents exhibiting a wide range of polarity and hydrogen-bond donor (H d) and acceptor (H a) ability. These probes were sensitive to the solvent polarity as reflected by the Stokes' shift observed in steady state fluorescence. As determined by multi-linear regression analysis of the observed Stokes' shift and solvent parameters, such as orientation polarizability ( Δf), H d and H a of the solvents, all the probes were sensitive to the H d of solvents but were not affected by the H a of solvents except the 2-AF. Due to the proximity of the polar headgroup to the fluorophore, it appears that some intramolecular hydrogen-bonding is present in 2-AF, an interaction that is sensitive to the pH of the solvent, but is less sensitive to the H d and H a of the solvents. Fluorescence lifetimes measured by the multi-frequency phase-modulation technique in mixtures of hexane and ethanol reflect a modified Stern-Volmer behavior suggesting the second solvent, ethanol, specifically interacts with the probe, in part through collisional quenching. Also, the lifetime data were sensitive to very low concentrations of the second solvent (0–0.1%, by vol.). The results from this study provide insight into the intrinsic differences between the different AF positions that must be taken into consideration while investigating the dynamics of lipid bilayer systems. Moreover, this study illustrates the utility and resolving power of lifetime based measurements needed for the interpretation of heterogeneous biophysical environments.

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