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The Internet for Information and Communication

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Now let‘s come across with the relevance of internet in ICT. We are in the midst of Information and Communication revolution. The world is rapidly shrinking to a 'global village', which some call a global family. In the merger of telephony, television and computers, a new world of Communications is evolving. What triggered this undreamt of merger is the emergence of Internet through which millions of computers and computer networks connected with each other exchanging information. The word Internet flashes many images upon the canvas of the mind. The applications aspect of Internet is the multitude of different services it offers, example' email, searching information over web, discussion groups etc. The Internet was started as a military network in USA and has undergone tremendous change over a period of time, offering variety of services to the users. The Internet is a huge resource of information that was accessed by millions of users every day, accounts to 100 terra bits of data passes through internet backbone for every minute. As per the ITU (International Telecommunications Union, website) Information, there were 1.13 billion subscribers to Internet in December 2006.

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