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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Warren Weaver

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I a21 ColLg5ted to heas of such sncouragemnt to saiantifio etates~nship, which is .gol.nq~ t.o be YO badly needed during the years ahead. It is mtorzshing how little ~Uxmth the wi.rereit,- facultfsa as such hrve been p&ng t-o the develqxzrlts in policy which are going to influence their profassiorul lives from new on. I hzd, LOT W#B, ymposed t&t the faculty here debata the iss~~es of f ederitl &d hktdJvezra ago and OPT jua t nm lo the scbje ct go- to be on the agenda for a bpecial mating. I aa sure your conference next month will furnish imny C3nstmctive Zdeaa for ~i"~i'+y~ like our faculty to chew over. i R, I feel hcmver that one of the issues that my pervade your conference might well be box to ccpsolfda"& t!!e channel8 of commnLoaticn which already exist be- tam?.? tk t?ci.3r:tlxic cm1t.y ad the govermmt. I cim by no mwm criticiaing F 4 c tha proposed COtlfW8fiSJ as adding still another potential channel but I do think that the ~robllm ~~$11 be.c~~ mre ard more unmmageable unless eom care is taken, Wo ulrecdy tlrve +h Ha+Cion;tl Academy-Reaoarch Council, the National Science Board, f the adviscry codthee and panels for the WSF, tie NIH and any musher of other . federal ag~ncim; wo hava the fndhddual soisntlfic sod&tea and such super uocletl8e m3s arxl AAAS. Because of the fact that atl.U, anhther organleation fa bo bc set iq far the ciinuideratioz~ of a&me and poUcy apeak for eom lack in Me elxeady ebting: agenclss? acadczy should not play euch a dotint roll ia theaa time us it did perhaps when it was first charged with tie pr- rasponaibXUty of scientiiio c&ice to the federal gove~nmmt. A9 you knm, I was honored to be eleotad tn the academy last yesr, !xt in 8m3 respeota this is an empty honor if tha w.3.n preoccupa’&cn of academy mmbership is to be the election of new ae&mrs. If the acaderqy haa out- lived ita ussfulmse9 do you see much point ln perpetuaw it? Alternatively, if them la still 6Gme fuactioa for its existence , should it not h~

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