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Dynamics of chemical and charge transfer reactions of molecular dications: beam scattering and total cross section data on CF2D+(CF2H+), CF2+, and CF+formations in CF22++ D2(H2) collisions

International Journal of Mass Spectrometry
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DOI: 10.1016/s1387-3806(99)00092-5
  • Reaction Dynamics
  • Elementary Reactions Of Molecular Dications
  • Ion Scattering
  • Total Cross Sections
  • Chemistry


Abstract Dynamics of formation of the chemical rearrangement product CF 2D +, the charge transfer product CF 2 +, and the dissociative products CF + and CFD + in collisions of the molecular dication CF 2 ++ with D 2 was investigated in crossed beam scattering experiments over the collision energy range 0.3–1.0 eV (center of mass). The scattering data show that coulomb repulsion between two singly charged products, CF 2 + + D + and CF 2 + + D 2 +, plays a dominant role in the nondissociative processes. A large fraction of the energy available (about 6 eV in the chemical reaction, about 4 eV in the charge transfer) goes into relative translational energy of the products. Relative total cross sections for formation of the nondissociative and dissociative products in collision of CF 2 ++ with D 2 and H 2 were determined over the collision energy range of 0.2–3.6 eV. The shape of the relative velocity dependence of the cross section for CF 2 + formation can be described by a simple model based on the Landau-Zener formalism. The data suggest that the dissociative product CF + is formed prevailingly in a subsequent dissociation of the charge transfer product CF 2 +. A potential surface model is described which accounts for competition of various processes in dication–neutral collisions.

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