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Rule-Following Made Easy

Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society
Publication Date
  • Epistemologie
  • Wissenschaftstheorie
  • Naturphilosophie
  • Kirchberg 2003
  • Sprachphilosophie
  • Linguistics


I wish to argue that the problem of rule-following rests on semantic internalism and that semantic externalism makes the problem evaporate. Given that the rule-following problem is a version of the general problem that the reference of an intentional phenomenon is underdetermined by its meaning, semantic externalism solves the problem by reducing meaning to reference. Since both Kripke and Wittgenstein are proponents of semantic externalism, the problem of rule-following is not a problem for either Kripke or Wittgenstein, but only for Wittgenstein"s internalist interlocutor.

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