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Online prediction of end-of-batch product quality using phase-specific PLS models

DOI: 10.1016/s1570-7946(06)80219-1
  • Phase-Based Monitoring
  • Online Quality Prediction
  • Dynamic Time Warping (Dtw)
  • Singular Points (Sp)
  • Dynamic Partial Least Square (Dpls)


Abstract Batch processes are commonly operated in multiple phases; phase-based approaches are intuitively well suited for batch process monitoring and quality prediction. In this paper, we therefore propose a phase-based approach to online prediction of end-of-batch quality. Our framework integrates dynamic feature synchronization and dynnamic time warping (DTW) with Dynamic Partial Least Square (DPLS). The Singular Point concept [1] is applied to divide process trajectories into phases with similar dynamics. The challenge of unequal phase lengths is solved by using DTW to equalize the phase trajectories from different runs. A DPLS model [2] is subsequently built between each phase and the final quality variables. Using a well-known simulation, PenSim, we show that this phase-based DPLS (PDPLS) outperforms original DPLS in both monitoring as well as online prediction of end-of-batch quality.

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