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Development and recent results from the Subaru coronagraphic extreme adaptive optics system

  • N, Murakami
  • O, Fumika
  • Y, Minowa
  • Y, Hayano
  • J, White
  • O, Lai
  • Franck Marchis
  • G, Duchene
  • T, Kotani
  • J, Woillez
  • N, Jovanovic
  • Olivier, Guyon
  • F, Martinache
  • C, Clergeon
  • G, Singh
  • T, Kudo
  • K, Newman
  • J, Kuhn
  • E, Serabyn
  • B, Norris
  • And 6 more
Publication Date
Jul 07, 2014
SETI Institute


The Subaru Coronagraphic Extreme Adaptive Optics (SCExAO) instrument is one of a handful of extreme adaptive optics systems set to come online in 2014. The extreme adaptive optics correction is realized by a combination of precise wavefront sensing via a non-modulated pyramid wavefront sensor and a 2000 element deformable mirror. This system has recently begun on-sky commissioning and was operated in closed loop for several minutes at a time with a loop speed of 800 Hz, on~ 150 modes. Further ...

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