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Development of Multiple Input Single Output DC-DC Converter

  • Bailey, Ryan
  • Carmona, Miguel
  • Velez-Lopez, Jose
Publication Date
Jun 01, 2023
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This senior project report details the testing and validation of the designed DC-DC Multiple Input Single Output converter. The MISO uses four-switch buck-boost topology to output a single 48V from multiple nominal 24V inputs. The previous iteration of the MISO was plagued with an overheating mosfet that would drastically reduce the lifespan of the boards and reduce efficiency. This newest iteration includes more ground panes to combat the issues. In addition, the 200W MISO board was redesigned to utilize an edge connector for secure installment, removal, and replacement in the actual DC House system panel. The slots also have a locking mechanism for the MISOs to ensure a secure connection. Also, an LED was added to the board to indicate when the board is in operation. Results of hardware measurements on the 200W and 400W MISO converters show that the efficiency of full load is above 97.8%, line regulation of 2.5% to 5.65%, load regulation of 0.62% to 4.09% and output voltage ripple of 1.29% to 2.82%.

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