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Development of a Microsphere-Based Immunoassay Authenticating A2 Milk and Species Purity in the Milk Production Chain

  • j., alexander
Publication Date
May 17, 2022
DOI: 10.3390/molecules27103199
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Processed milk and milk products produced from bovine milk, commonly contain β-casein A1 (βCA1) and β-casein A2 (βCA2). Since the presence of βCA1 is linked to milk intolerance and digestion problems, A2A2 milk, which only contains βCA2, is proposed as a healthier alternative. To support this health claim, the purity of A2A2-milk has to be guaranteed. In the presented study, a multiplex immunoassay, able to distinguish between βCA2 and βCA1, was developed and real-life applicability was shown on raw milk samples from genotyped A1A1, A1A2 and A2A2 cows. Because of its ability to discriminate between βCA2 and βCA1, this newly developed method was able to detect the addition of common bovine A1A2 milk to A2A2 milk, as low as 1%. Besides the detection of A2A2 milk purity, the developed assay can also be implemented as a rapid phenotyping method at dairy farms to replace the more invasive DNA-based screening. Additionally, the developed method was capable of detecting the addition of common bovine milk up to 1% in sheep, goat, buffalo, horse and donkey milk, which conforms to EU recommendations. In conclusion, a newly developed multiplex method capable of reliably detecting the dilution of A2A2 milk of multiple species, with common bovine milk up to 1%, is presented.

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