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Developing an independently executable simulation training for ERCP

  • Wesseling, Juliette (author)
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Oct 04, 2019
TU Delft Repository
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Although simulators are widely recognized as being a valuable tool in ERCP training, the current use of simulation models in ERCP training program is still minimal due to the limited availability of instructors. This study aims to develop an independently executable training for the “ERCP Trainer”, a mechanical simulation model, that effectively and efficiently provides training in the most essential aspect of ERCP; selective cannulation. Several means are developed in which the instructor’s tasks of providing instructions, feedback and assessment are fulfilled by technological aids. All means together, form the independently executable training program. The effectivity of the program was tested by comparing the cannulation skills of a subject group that executed the developed training program with a control group. The difference in measured skill were rather small (5.83/10.00 score vs. 5.59/10.00 score of control group) and due to the low sample size of the subject group, the results are not significant. While the test results are inconclusive, the developed training shows a lot of potential due to the advantages of the incorporated serious gaming elements and the relatively easy implementable proposed solutions for the found points of improvement. / Biomedical Engineering | BioMechatronics

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