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Determining optimal municipal solid waste management scenario based on best-worst method

  • Li, Zhiwei
  • Jia, Xiaoping
  • Jin, Haibo
  • Ma, Lei
  • Xu, Chunhua
  • Wei, Huangzhao
Publication Date
May 27, 2021
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Municipal solid waste (MSW) management is one of the most important issues in urban environments, especially in developing countries. In this work, a comprehensive assessment framework for MSW management is proposed to evaluate and screen the optimal scenario. The best-worst method (BWM) is utilized to determine the optimal weight of each criterion for each disposal scenario. However, the original BWM model is difficult to be solved globally. A linear model is presented to solve the model and an interval model is employed to verify the optimality of the linear model. The results indicate that the results of the linear model and interval model are consistent. A case study of MSW disposal in Qingdao City is used to demonstrate the application of the proposed method. The results indicate that a combination of landfilling, incineration technology with energy recovery facility is preferred for the current MSW management in Qingdao from the chosen criteria. The framework proposed in this work can be assisted to help the decision-makers to identify the priority sequence of MSW management scenarios.

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