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Determination of veterinary drugs residues using masspectrometric methods / Veterinaro preparatu atlieku noteiksana ar masspektrometrijas metodem

  • Bartkevics, Vadims
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2005
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This dissertation is dealing with determination of veterinary drug residues using masspectrometric methods. Survey of publications dealing with analysis of levamisole, non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid compounds and sulphonamides was performed. Masspectrometric methods for determination of residues of 33 different compounds are elaborated. Mass spectra of veterinary drugs in different ionisation modes (EI, PCI, NCI, electrospray) are given and possible fragmentation patterns are described. Optimisation of analytical methods for detection of veterinary drug residues is performed. Account was made on achieving highest sensitivity level of analysis and possibilities to apply elaborated methods for determination of wide range of compounds. Main characteristics of GC-MS and LC-MS-MS methods (linearity, reproducibility and recovery) have been checked. Elaborated methods have been applied for residue testing of Latvian animal origin products. Results show low level of occurrence of veterinary drug residues. / Abstract in English, Russian. Separate summaries in Latvian, English / Available from Latvian Academic Library / LAL - Latvian Academic Library / SIGLE / LV / Latvia

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