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Determinants of Burnout and Well-Being in Women, Gender-Diverse Radiologists, and Radiologists of Other Underrepresented Minorities

  • DeBenedectis, Carolynn M.
Publication Date
May 01, 2021
[email protected]
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There are many factors contributing to chronic stress at work, but one that most people do not think about is the stress related to being a woman, a person of an underrepresented minority group, or a gender-diverse or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) person. In radiology, all these groups are underrepresented, and being a minority in a field can lead to stress on the job because of macro- and microaggressions, discrimination, and unfavorable working conditions. So why should we be concerned about burnout in these populations? For one, these populations bring a diversity of ideas to radiology, and diversity of ideas leads to more innovative patient care and research. Having a diverse group of radiologists can only benefit radiology as a whole. Also, there are major physical and psychological consequences of burnout, such as depression, anxiety, premature aging, susceptibility to chronic medical conditions, and, worst of all, risk for suicide. We need to be aware of factors causing burnout in each of these groups, and we need to mitigate against them by fostering inclusion in radiology.

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