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“Det var ett misstag att skaffa barn” : En kvalitativ diskursanalys om hur mödrar som uttrycker ånger för sittmoderskap bemöts på plattformar online

  • Englund, Anea
  • Hedbom, Ida
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2022
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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The aim of this qualitative study is to with the help of discourse theory according to Michel Foucault and queer theory, to define and understand how the sub discourse of regretted motherhood is communicated on online platforms in Sweden. More specifically, how the responses to women who express their regretted motherhood on online platforms take form and what communicative strategies are used. The second part of the study focuses on what characteristics define this specific taboo. The third part focuses on how normative parenthood is maintained. The material in question consists of fifteen media texts, also known as comments, from two different platforms. The first platform is Facebook where the five most liked comments were chosen from a post containing an interview with a woman who discussed why she regretted her motherhood. The second five comments were chosen from the platform Familjeliv from an anonymous post from a woman explaining how come she regretted her motherhood. The last five were also from Familjeliv that refers to a post regarding a mother who wanted to give her 3 year old up for adoption. The result from the analysis showed there is a deep incomprehension regarding what regret means and how it should be met. Subjective experiences were used as universal facts with the intention to shame the woman who regrets her motherhood. The lack of empathy resulting in shameful comments throughout the material, resulted in a wide taboo within the sub discourse dicated by normative parenthood.

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