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Det (o)disciplinerade begäret : En komparativ analys av "Den första kärleken" och Charlie med fokus på makt, queer underkastelse och performativitet / The (un)disciplined desire : A comparative analysis of "Den första kärleken" and Charlie examining power, queer subordination and performativity

  • Lugnet, Em
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Jan 01, 2023
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In this paper, I study the concept of subordination and power by using two Swedish lesbian classic literary texts; ”Den första kärleken”, published in the collection of short stories Berättelser och skizzer (1884) by Mathilda Roos and Charlie (1932) by Margareta Suber. I examine power dynamics and subordination by comparing the two texts with each other and analyze the similarities and differences between subordination in queer contexts and in heterosexual contexts. Judith Butlers theory of subordination and Michel Foucalts theory of the subject and power are the theoretical ground for this paper, as well as the heterosexual script, which function as a way to illustrate what the characters conform to and/or resist against. As a result, I find that queer subordination is more exciting than heterosexual subordination, but also that heterosexual subordination is, although the characters conform to it, a form of resistance against the heterosexual norm. I also find that social punishment is a crucial aspect regarding the choices they make when it comes to queer subordination. 

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