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”Det finns ju inget tolkningsutrymme, det som finns är ju bara att vi bestämmer att vi inte ska göra det som står där” : En studie om lärares upplevelser av sitt tolkningsutrymme

  • Eriksson, Moa
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Jan 01, 2023
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The purpose of this essay is to conduct an own investigation with the starting point of investigating how high school social studies teachers experience and relate to their space of interpretation. The essay also intends to investigate what, within the framework of the space of interpretation, they consider to be the most prominent content in social studies 1b. Empirical data is collected through semi-structured interviews with five secondary school teachers qualified in social studies. The interview type enables follow-up questions and creates space for the respondent to speak freely about the subject. For the analysis of collected data, I use curriculum theory, frontline bureaucrat theory and Shulman's Pedagogical Reasoning and Action model. The results show, among other things, that all teachers have a similar view of what the subject should be permeated with and what the students should learn through teaching social studies 1b. It also becomes clear that the teachers have different images of and approaches to their professional role in terms of interpretation work and the freedom they are faced with. The essay is professionally relevant, among other things, as it highlights the scope of the teaching profession's freedom and the decisive role of subjectivity in professional practice.

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