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Designing for Service Systems

  • Tabas, Lindsay
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Mar 02, 2007
eScholarship - University of California
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Information technologies are ubiquitous in the domain of services, whether it be services offered by hairdressers or those offered by hotels and airlines. Every instance of a service is the product of a services chain within a service system, where information about the service is aggregated from start to finish, to the benefit of both consumer and provider. Understanding the larger service system and the way br in which information flows through its structure is a crucial foundation to effectively applying a service design methodology. We have yet to reach the critical point at which all disciplines of services science are effectively integrated to produce a holistic approach to services design. This paper proposes a services design methodology intended for the renovation of existing, information-intensive services. The methodology considers the often competing interests of the front stage, consumer experience of services, with the back stage, hidden processes and information technology driven services.

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