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Designing a Novel Smart Home Monitoring Systems with the Integration of BIM and WSN

  • Corekci, Mustafa
  • Pinarer, Ozgun
  • Servigne, Sylvie
Publication Date
Jul 17, 2019
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In the recent years, the Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become one of the hottest research area in computer science. It attracts many researchers from huge various research domains. Not only the researchers from computer science but also researchers from environmental health, archeology and cultural heritage started working in BIM and its integration with Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). In this paper, we focus on the integration of BIM and WSN. We tackle one of the major challenges of this integration: how to manage sensor streams by using a digital model of the environment and how to integrate sensor data with the environmental data. Even there are few studies that manage multi sensor data streaming, these approaches are often fitted to a single application and mostly they are independent from the building model. To overcome this problem, we propose a novel real-time environmental monitoring system based on the BIM principles. In this study, we present a multi-application monitoring system architecture. As a testbed environment, the university campus is preferred and for the prototype chosen offices and classrooms are equipped with sensor devices. Real data are enriched with the simulated data to get a large database. The 3D digital model introduces the numerical model of the building and a sensor integration is achieved on the given digital model.

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