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Design of surface emitting distributed feedback quantum cascade laser with single-lobe far-field pattern and high outcoupling efficiency

  • wan-hong), wh guo (guo
  • jun-qi), jq liu (liu
  • quan-yong), (lu
  • wei), w zhang (zhang
  • lu), (li
  • li-jun), lj wang (wang
  • feng-qi), fq liu (liu
  • zhan-guo), zg wang (wang
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2010
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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A 7.8-mu m surface emitting second-order distributed feedback quantum cascade laser (DFB QCL) structure with metallized surface grating is studied. The modal property of this structure is described by utilizing coupled-mode theory where the coupling coefficients are derived from exact Floquet-Bloch solutions of infinite periodic structure. Based on this theory, the influence of waveguide structure and grating topography as well as device length on the laser performance is numerically investigated. The optimized surface emitting second-order DFB QCL structure design exhibits a high surface outcoupling efficiency of 22% and a low threshold gain of 10 cm(-1). Using a pi phase-shift in the centre of the grating, a high-quality single-lobe far-field radiation pattern is obtained.

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