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Design and Study of Properties of Avirulent Genetically Modified Vibrio cholerae Biovar El Tor Strain with Inactivated Genes of Thermolabile Hemolysin and Effective Expression of Cloned Cholera Toxin B-subunit Gene

  • Smirnova, N. I.1
  • Shchelkanova, E. Yu.1
  • Baranikhina, E. Yu.1
  • Agafonov, D. A.1
  • Tuchkov, I. V.1
  • Krasnov, Ya. M.1
  • Kutyrev, V. V.1
  • 1 Russian Research Anti-Plague Institute “Microbe”, Saratov, 410005, Russia , Saratov (Russia)
Published Article
Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology
Pleiades Publishing
Publication Date
Dec 01, 2017
DOI: 10.1134/S0003683817070067
Springer Nature


The results of the construction of an avirulent strain of V. cholerae genovariant of the O1 serogroup of the El Tor biovar with efficient production of the cholera toxin (CT) B-subunit, which causes the formation of antitoxic immunity during cholera infection, are presented. In the beginning of the study, a modified P18899ΔCTXφchr:TnphoA (KmRHly–) strain was obtained via nondirectional transposon mutagenesis on the basis of a nontoxigenic strain of a P18899ΔCTXφHly+ genovariant. It lost the ability to produce thermolabile hemolysin, which is an additional toxin. The ctxB gene, which encodes biosynthesis of the CT B-subunit, was further introduced into cells of this strain. To accomplish this, the cointegrative recombinant plasmid pIEM3 was used. It was generated in the process of the fusion of a conjugative plasmid pIEM1 and a nonconjugative one, pCTΔ27, which is a derivative of pBR322 (which carries the cloned gene ctxB). Via restriction analysis, it was established that disjunction of a cointegrate occurred in vibrio cholera cells, followed by the preservation of a multicopy plasmid (pCTΔ27) only. As a result, avirulent clones of KmRTcR with a high production level (5–6 μg/mL) of secreted CT B-subunit were obtained, one of which (E99) was selected for further studies. Via real-time PCR, it was discovered that the expression of the ctxB plasmid gene in the cells of a designed strain of V. cholerae, E99, doesn’t depend on the activity of the key regulatory gene toxT, which located on the chromosome. Efficient expression of the ctxB gene in E99 cells allows their use to obtain CT B-subunit in order to produce cholera immunobiological drugs.

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