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Design of a Physically Interactive Game device:

  • Van Schijndel, T.G.J.
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Oct 02, 2009
TU Delft Repository
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This project describes the development of a handheld, stand-alone game for a target group of people between 12 and 28 years of age. The product contains games that are based on movement of the arm and reactive power of the user. The product is designed to stimulate physical activity in a playful way. Such a product has an innovative character which design agency ‘Pilots Product Design’ can use to expand its portfolio. The game functions by measuring movements of the player, to compare with predefined data, to give feedback on correct or incorrect execution of the game commando. Comparison of the player’s movement with predefined data is done by the ‘pattern recognition’ principle. To design the described product, a design approach is used consisting out of an analysis-, synthesis,- simulation- and evaluation phase. The purpose of the analysis was to explore the project’s topic as well as to create ‘design guidelines’ to direct the rest of the design process. The synthesis phase contains ideas which, after evaluation, have led to three game concepts. One of these concepts has led to the previously described product. During simulation and evaluation, all aspects of the game have been elaborated on and a proof of principle has been conducted. All predefined criteria, in combination with the information out of the synthesis and simulation, have led to one final product design.

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