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Design and Implementation of Peer-to-Peer Multimedia Tour Guide System in Wireless Environments

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[[abstract]]Recently, researches in indoor position locating and the duration time of batteries in handset devices become more and more popular. In some modern museums, an emerging digital touring service is provided to automatically push relative exhibition matters to users’ handset devices such as smart phones, PDAs and notebook computers. For most existing digital touring systems, a visitor must know their exact location in the showroom and then click the relative topics on the screen of a handset device to retrieve the information on demand. However, it is inconvenient for children and aged people, who might have a difficulty in recognizing the exact locations. An automatic positioning scheme is the first step towards facilitating a digital touring service. In this paper, we first use Ekahau, an indoor position locating software, to detect the locations of visitors in the showroom. Then, we use the well-known minimal cost spanning tree (MST) algorithm to obtain a Hamiltonian Path according to those detected position coordinates. Finally, the dedicated server transmits relative information along the path to all handset devices of visitors in a peer-to-peer transmission mode. The underlying idea of the design is to transmit information along a sequence of node pairs consisting of two near visitors in order to reduce the amount of power consumption and the loading of the system server.

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