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Desenvolvimento de métodos para determinação de sulfonamidas, dipirona e citrato de sildenafil em matrizes diversas

  • Weinert, Patrícia Los
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Jan 23, 2008
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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This work proposes simple, fast and of low cost analytic methods for dipyrone, sildenafil citrate (Viagra®) and sulfonamides in pharmaceutical formulations and also the sulfonamides screening in complex samples, such as urine, water and bovine milk. The determination of Viagra® was carried out using the spectrophotometry technique with detection on the visible spectrum. The method involved the reaction between sildenafil citrate and tetrachlorobenzoquinone (p-chloranil), accelerated by the addition of H2O2 producing a stable colored complex (λ = 535 nm). For the dipyrone determination a reflectometric method and the flow injection analysis with spectrophotometric detection procedure were used. The both methods are based on the reaction between dipyrone and p-dimethylaminocinnamaldehyde (p-DAC) in acid medium, with formation of a colored product (λ = 510 nm), on the surface of a filter paper to the reflectometric method and in solution for the procedure in flow. In this last method, the use of micelar medium granted a significant increase of the analytic sensibility, allowed the development of a quite sensitive method for dipyrone determination. The sulfonamide screening in urine, water and bovine milk using the flow injection analysis procedure in micelar medium with spectrophtometric detection (λ = 555 nm) is based on the reaction between sulfonamides and p-DAC in acid medium. For the two first samples the solid phase extraction coupled directly at flow system was possible. The use of micelar medium granted to the method a great analytical sensibility allowed its application for the screening of the analytes in agreement with the residue maximum limit value acceptable (100 ppb). The micelar medium also allowed the elution of the analytes retained on the C-18 minicolumns without the need of the use the organic solvents. The experimental design...(Complete abstyract click electronic access below)

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