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Desenvolvimento de memórias orgânicas com base em resina epóxi em mono e multicamadas

  • Toppel, Andressa
Publication Date
Sep 14, 2018
Repositório Digital Institucional da UFPR


Abstract: This work presents a study or organic memory devices like WORM (Write Once Read Many times) having as active layer thin films of epoxy resin nanocomposites and single-layer or multi-layer carbon nanostructures. Epoxy resin was used as polymer matrix for its many advantages allowing the possibility of using the same component in the fabrication of the active layer and the encapsulation simultaneously (consisting of the so-called "AW1" technique previously created in our research group [1,2]). In order to confer bistability to the resin (which in itself is a good insulator) and to enable its use in the development of the WORM memories, a controlled fraction of conductive carbon nanostructures was added. The nanostructures used were C nanospheres (NEC) and C nanoparticles (NPC), being the first one used only in the study of layer overlap (memories in stacked layers), since monolayer use has already shown success in a previous job [1,2]. The devices showed ION/IOFF ratios of the order of 105 to 107, revealing efficiency through the great distinction of bit states "0" and "1 and minimum recording time with only 100 ns. Key-words: WORM memory, nanostructures, epoxy resin, organic electronics.

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