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Deposition of a particle-laden film on the inner wall of a tube

  • Jeong, Deok-Hoon
  • Kvasnickova, Anezka
  • Boutin, Jean-Baptiste
  • Cébron, David
  • Sauret, Alban
Publication Date
Nov 01, 2020
eScholarship - University of California
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The withdrawal of a liquid or the translation of a liquid slug in a capillary tube leads to the deposition of a thin film on the inner wall. When particles or contaminants are present in the liquid, they deposit and contaminate the tube if the liquid film is sufficiently thick. In this article, we experimentally investigate the condition under which particles are deposited during the air invasion in a capillary tube initially filled with a dilute suspension. We show that the entrainment of particles in the film is controlled by the ratio of the particle and the tube radii and the capillary number associated with the front velocity. We also develop a model which suggests optimal operating conditions to avoid contamination during withdrawal of a suspension. This deposition mechanism can also be leveraged in coating processes by controlling the deposition of particles on the inner walls of channels.

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