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Deconvolution and Analysis of the 1H NMR Spectra of Crude Reaction Mixtures

  • Venetos, Maxwell C
  • Elkin, Masha
  • Delaney, Connor
  • Hartwig, John F
  • Persson, Kristin A
Publication Date
Apr 22, 2024
eScholarship - University of California
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Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is an important analytical technique in synthetic organic chemistry, but its integration into high-throughput experimentation workflows has been limited by the necessity of manually analyzing the NMR spectra of new chemical entities. Current efforts to automate the analysis of NMR spectra rely on comparisons to databases of reported spectra for known compounds and, therefore, are incompatible with the exploration of new chemical space. By reframing the NMR spectrum of a reaction mixture as a joint probability distribution, we have used Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Markov Chain and density functional theory to fit the predicted NMR spectra to those of crude reaction mixtures. This approach enables the deconvolution and analysis of the spectra of mixtures of compounds without relying on reported spectra. The utility of our approach to analyze crude reaction mixtures is demonstrated with the experimental spectra of reactions that generate a mixture of isomers, such as Wittig olefination and C-H functionalization reactions. The correct identification of compounds in a reaction mixture and their relative concentrations is achieved with a mean absolute error as low as 1%.

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