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Decentralized Indexing of Presentities over n-Dimensional Context Information

  • Lentfort, Christian
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Jan 01, 2012
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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Modern context-aware applications no longer justify their decisions based only on their own information but on the decisions and information of other applications in a similar context.  Acquiring context information of other entities in an distributed system is difficult task when using the current content centric solutions such as DHTs.  This project aims to build a distributed index that provides storage for the so called Presentities solely based on the state of their context information.  Furthermore, the stored Presentities must be efficiently accessible even if only some information of their current context is available. To fulfill these requirements the PAST DHT was extended to support range queries and modified to use points on a space-filling curve as index values. The simulation of the system has shown very good accuracy rates, on average 99%, for range queries by maintaining a logarithmic relationship to the amount of required messages sent in the DHT.  Problems have emerged from the lack of load balancing implemented into the used DHT, but it is still the case that the proposed method of using space-filling curves to build a context centric decentralized index is both sufficient and effective. Keywords: context awareness, indexing, space-flling curves, Hilbert curve,Pastry, PAST

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