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Factors Controlling Gully Erosion Development in Toroud Basin – Iran

Elsevier Ltd
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DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.02.130
  • Gully Erosion
  • Formation
  • Expansion
  • Control
  • Agricultural Science


Abstract Gully erosion, is often associated as one of the most severe forms of soil erosion processes. And often results in much displacement of the soil mass, culminating in sedimentation, and degradation of the land. Gully erosion has tremendous impacts on human activities which includes decreasing soil nutrients and agriculture productivity, river channel sedimentation and increasing floods and impact on water resources development within a river basin. Considering the challenges faced in semiarid regions, this research tries to evaluate all the factors controlling gully erosion in Toroud basin that there is no comprehensive study on this gully and basin. In order to achieve this goal and providing greater assistance for obtaining all the elements to stop gully erosion expansion, the research examines two major objectives, which focuses on the formation of gully erosion and the short term or long term approach in the extension of gully erosion in Toroud basin- Iran. This research is using software of Ilwis in GIS for preparing the maps and Excel for preparing the graphs. By considering the importance of the subjects and with regard to the fact that studied region contains large and extensive gully which introduces potential hazards for croplands and habitats, and also make it difficult to pass through them, it is required to perform all possible actions which lead to bring an end to the development and expansion of gullies.

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