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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Tracy M. Sonneborn

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November 12, 1951 If we hadn’t juet returned from a weekend visit to the Novlcks, I’d be tnrapted to arrange to met you in Chicago this Sunday. But,in faot, tt iaight be better for Im to study your 8yl.l.abus ond 0ouree outline, and think about pl?oblema of organiaation in some detail before we took time ior a fu3.l dizoussion. &y 1 let you know just whea xffsel ready to go into it? But if you can find your own way clear to pay us a visit, we'd be dslightidbti me you, book or no. I’m stA3.l not sure whst&er I: feel up to “fuil co-authorshipfl, for I still look on any part&&pat&on I nA.ght have ae an assistance to you. But isl the one thing we ehall have to iron out. A cooperation on thie basis would & any problem - if there were one - of dlffercmeees in outlook on particular rubject. Gur interests have been jU5t [email protected] QltouBh fht ti’iia iS Udih?b~ t0 d.85. Them we two point8 on the ayUabue in IetMppora: the first le biramal heterokaryorrs, Although attempt8 to make them often fall, I found mnu&er of clombimtiona which worked quite uoil, although, Use 5itophi3.a-oraa5a mmbti-iations, they tend to dirsooiate readily. I: don’t thsnk that Saneome~e generaJ.izationa (your p, 6) are correct. Your spmu~~tive support of postredurrtion of centromeres is quite i.sAterufi tsJ%@ l Eb0t ~Gav. tie Cytoi. et Biol. Veg., li, 1949) sugge8ta *that the i&r4epfmm type of heiarokaryofiic spore formation wuulta frcirn pa&ii ~~tmduc ticin of UW rgtiti.r* type 100~8, and postulates an obligate single cro88wera Centromre pea treduction ie no lees objooticnddo. LMegren, in a paper he wrote 1G or 15 years ago, but never pubU.+shed, h& eme crvidenco of a stock aarrying a pericentric hmrsion, vr3iich when heterozygeaa caused oentric postreduction. This might be reasl&nable, if the 3.mmidon prevents proper eyna sib, ami therefore regular diejunction, of the psricentric region. 9 rather llke the idecr. Joshua Lederberg

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