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Influence of L-sorbose on the location of β-glucosidase inTrichoderma pseudokoningii

FEMS Microbiology Letters
Oxford University Press
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  • β-Glucosidase
  • Trichoderma
  • Sorbose


Abstract The effect of l-sorbose on growth, morphology, cell wall composition and β-glucosidase location has been examined with Trichoderma pseudokoningii. Sorbose-grown cultures exhibited a longer lag phase, a tendency to more frequent hyphal branching and showed a decreased cell wall content of β-1,3-glucan. In sorbose-containing cultures, a significant higher portion of total β-glucosidase was present in the culture fluid, whereas in sorbose-lacking control cultures the major part of activity was associated with the cell walls. The results support the previous hypothesis (Kubicek, C.P. (1982) Arch. Microbiol. 132, 349–354) that β-1.3-glucan is involved in cell wall binding of β-glucosidase in Trichoderma pseudokoningii.

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