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Löhne, Organisationskultur und Managerstil zum Zwecke eines erfolgreichen Managements der Verkaufskräfte

Institute of Social Sciences IVO PILAR
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The aim of the company is to sell the highest rate of the products on the market. The sales force has a principal role in this process. Relevant characteristics and factors of motivate compensation that influence sales force motivation in performing their organizational function in the company are studied in the paper. To achieve successful sales force management, it is necessary to determine the motivational basis due to which the sales force is prepared to perform the jobs determined by the sales organization technology. The survey was carried out from June 1st, 2001 to December 31st, 2001, including 200 sales force employees of important producers and representative companies, in the field of sales and consumer goods, in the Republic of Croatia. Sales force motivation is the main originator of sales force performance and an important factor of successful company business. Research results have shown that sales force employees regard the salary as the basic and most important component of motivate compensation. However, the salary of the sales force is not a sufficient component for successful quality work. Because of the above mentioned, the company management is introducing components of motivate compensation in the motivation system, which relate to the organizational culture and management style according to the majority influence. As a result of the research, a motivate compensation model with three component groups clustered around salary, organizational culture and management style has been set up. The purpose of motivate compensation is to serve as an entrepreneurial technology in the company's sales force management.

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