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Balanced intra-cluster multi-hop routing algorithm based on forwarding restriction angle (B-IMRA) in wireless sensor networks

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  • Tk7800-8360 Electronics
  • Communication


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is evolving as a leading technology in the next generation of wireless communication systems. Energy optimization in WSN is an important requirement to be fulfilled since these sensors in most situations are battery-powered. This study is mainly focus on resolving an ideal routing technique to support intra-cluster communications which address energy constraint and load balancing within a cluster. Hence, a routing technique which is to extend the first forwarding scheme of existing Intra-Cluster Multi-Hop Routing Algorithm Based on Forwarding Restriction Angle (IMRA_1) is proposed and developed. Apart from satisfying IMRA_1’s restriction conditions to limit the scope while forwarding a data packet to the Cluster Head, the proposed technique will calculate the Multi-hop Over Direct-hop (MOD) ratio and compare with a predefined Threshold Value (TV) to consider the most beneficial routing path to be elected. The key idea is to balance between energy consumption minimization and workload handled by each sensor nodes. The performance of this new approach is evaluated and compared with IMRA_1 routing protocol through sets of simulation. All the three research objectives defined at the beginning of this study have been achieved.

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