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Preparation of oil absorption materials based on styrene and lauryl methacylate by the suspension method

Viện Khoa Học và Công Nghệ Việt Nam
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  • Oil-Absorbing Material
  • Styrene
  • Lauryl Metacrylate
  • Suspension Method
  • Vật Liệu Hấp Thụ Dầu
  • Styren
  • Lauryl Metacrylat
  • Huyền Phù
  • Trùng Hợp Huyền Phù
  • Polyme Hấp Thụ Dầu


The oil absorption materials were prepared by the suspension copoly-merization of styrene(St), lauryl methacrylate(LMA) and divinylbenzene (DVB) as crosslinker. Some effect factors on the absorbency such as: monomer ratio, initiator concentration and crosslinker concentration were studied. The optimal conditions were as following: ratio of styrene/lauryl methacrylate 6/4 (w/w), 1.2 wt% BPO, 0.3 wt% DVB, temperature 90oC and time 4h. The oil absorbency of materials in different solvents was also investigated

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