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Ad Hoc Network Measurement Based on Network Tomography:Theory, Technique, and Application

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  • Network Tomography
  • Ad Hoc Network
  • Link Performance Inference
  • Network Measurement Model
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine


Owing to the inherent characteristic of Ad Hoc network, a multi-hops, self-organized wireless network, it is difficult to adopt traditional measurement technique in Ad Hoc network. Based on the analysis of the dynamic characteristic of Ad Hoc network topology, the paper brings forth an Ad Hoc network measurement model, and presents in detail the functions and implementation of each elements in this model. The simulation results show that the Ad Hoc network measurement model in this paper has the universality characteristic, since it could be used for all different mobility models in Ad Hoc networks. Besides, it could effectively resolve the problem of measurability, because it could not only obtain the performance parameters of path in Ad Hoc networks, but also infer the link performance parameters based on network tomography.

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