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De poeta a editor de poesia: a trajetória de Machado de Assis para a formação de suas Poesias Completas

  • Gonçalves, Fabiana
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Jun 25, 2014
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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This work intends to analyze the task of Machado de Assis as editor of the collection ‘Poesias completas’. This volume was edited by the author and published in 1901. The collection revisits poems launched in an earlier edition of the ‘Crisálidas’ (1865), ‘Falenas’ (1870) and ‘Americanas’ (1875). Besides these works, the collection also features the last tome of Machado de Assis: ‘Ocidentais’. Hippolyte Garnier was the official editor but the Brazilian poet’s involvement in the process towards the formation of the volume confirms his participation on concretization of project. In the preparing, organizing and exercising his literary perceptions, Machado de Assis proved to be poet, critic and editor of the ‘Poesias completas’. The poet not only wrote the poems, he selected and/or restructured notes, verses and epigraphs from previously published versions, including deletions and structural modifications made in several poems before the first editions. In this sense, not only the deletions or reorganizations, but the prefaces to collections also reflect the critical exercise of Machado de Assis. Thus, during the study of the poetry of Machado de Assis, we investigate the critical exercise of the poet and especially criteria adopted for the formation of the anthology published in 1901. To this end, we explore the primaries sources, the first editions, the contemporary criticism to poetry and the variants not included in the ‘Poesias completas’ but printed in first editions. Under the prism of genetic criticism, whose interdisciplinary character requires constant dialogues with other perspectives; and considering the points of intersection between literature and history, we will expect comprehend the creative process of Machado de Assis as poet and editor of the ‘Poesias completas’

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