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De overdracht van Nederlandse getuigenisliteratuur naar Zweden : In welk opzicht verschillen de besluiten om vier getuigenisboeken in het Zweeds te laten vertalen en uitgeven Hoe ziet de receptie van deze boeken uit / The Transfer of Dutch Holocaust literature to Sweden : In what way do the decisions to publish and the receptions differ between four diaries from the Holocaust translated and published in Sweden in the last 15 years

  • Larsson-Toll, Karna
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Jan 01, 2021
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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In this case study four non-fiction books are being accompanied on their way from the Netherlands to the public in Sweden, that is from one peripheral language into another. Where did the initiative come from? Were there any subsidies and did that matter? What kind of publishers were involved and were there also other agents involved? Who were the most important cultural mediators? How were the books framed in order to be noticed in the new country? How does all this fit in with the sociological theory of transnational cultural transfer? It turned out that these books more or less followed the expected path with a few exceptions: Two of the books were published by large-scale publishers in Sweden although they had not proved to be successful in the Netherlands. And there were no signs of regular co-operation between the involved publishers. Obviously the translated Dutch books in Sweden are such a marginal business for these publishers that they do not influence their network of foreign publishers.  Even if all four books belong to the same genre, they are very differently framed to be noticed in their new country. 

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