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Proposal for a Council Regulation (EEC) temporarily suspending the autonomous common customs tariff duties on a number of industrial products (in the chemical and allied sectors)(presented by the Commission). COM (89) 439 final, 18 September 1939

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COH(89) 439 final Brussels, 18 September 1989 Proposal for a COUNCIL RE6ULATI0N (EEC) * temporari ly suspending the autonomous conron customs t a r i f f duties on a number of i n d u s t r i a l products ( i n the chemical and a l l i e d sectors) (presented by the Commission) EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM 1. In the second quarter of this year the Commission, with the assistance of the Economic Tariff Questions 6roup, examined all the requests sent in by the Member States for temporary suspension of common customs tariff duties, including the requests for the prolongation of suspensions at present in force. 2. The attached proposal concerns a number of industrial products in the chemical and allied sectors. The proposals for Regulations temporarily suspending the autonomous common customs tariff duties on agricultural products and on other industrial products, have been presented already to the Council. 3. As in the case of the other product categories, the principle followed when examining the requests for suspension relating to the products mentioned above was to grant total suspension where Community production of the product in question is minimal or non-existent, and partial suspension where Community production only partially caters for Community requirements. For the latter, the rate of suspension varies according to the supply possibilities open to users within the Community. Similarly, in certain cases involving particularly sensitive sectors, suspension was refused so as not to penalise a Community industry which was starting up. In this way, the Commission seeks to keep a balance between the interests of producers, users and consumers. Moreover, the need to safeguard jobs within the Community has been cons- tantly borné in mind. 4. Given the criteria listed above, at the present stage the Commission feels that suspension of duty is justified only for the products listed in the

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