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김종삼 시의 ‘공백/생략’에 나타난 의미적 불확실성과 도피성

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  • 공백
  • 생략
  • 불확실성
  • 도피성
  • 현실도피
  • 실향민
  • 방황
  • 난해성
  • 상처
  • 극복
  • Design
  • Philosophy


Abstract This research focuses on one of the feature of Kim Jongsam' poem which is 'blank/omission' and aims at the sight and response which can be read out the poet's period and reality. And also the course of self-conquest will be discussed. 'Blank/omission' in Kim Jongsam's poem is following the form of 'intentional blank/oission' that was been intentionally made by the most poets. There are clues that reflect the feature of poet's inner side and the beginning attitude. Therefore, the poem will be not only difficult to understand, but also has the feature of uncertainty and ambiguousness. This research views 'blank/omission' which exposes the uncertainty in Kim Jongsam's poem and the poetic imagnation as the reason of escape, then find out the essence of poem. 'Blank/omission' is just like the intentional poetic equipment, it not only contains aesthetic character, but also the inner meaning. Again, the positive understanding to the reality and the methods of escaping from the reality have been contained in it. For Kim Jongsam, this kind of escaping is the method to hide himself and self-contorl.

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