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Broadband X-Polarized Microsrtip Patch Antenna

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With the wide spread proliferation of wireless communication technology nowadays, the demand for compact, low profile and broadband antennas has increased dramatically. The best choice that can meet the requirement in rnicrostrip patch antenna. This is because of it is low profile, light weight and low cost. However, the microstrip antenna has inherently narrow bandwidth. To overcome its inherent limitation of bandwidth, many techniques have been suggested such as slotted, stacked, increase substrate, pin loading and proximity coupled. Stack method has been chosen because it is easy to design and easy to be adjusted. Beside bandwidth, world nowadays requires the high performance antenna in term of transmission efficiency, multitask and many more factors. So, the X-polarized antenna design is proposed in order to overcome this problem. The conventional antennas suffer poor performance of point to multipoint application. This is because by the attendance of the obstacles in between the transmitting antenna and receiving antenna, the loss will be high. By using the Xpolarized antenna; multilinear polarized antenna, 4 patches will send the same signal at a time and this will increase efficiency of the transmission system. This project is about design, simulate and fabricate the Broadband X -polarized Micros trip Patch Antenna that will operate at 2.4GHz. The antenna will operate at broadband frequency and will radiate the X -polarized EM wave. From the results obtained, the bandwidth of the antenna is successfully increased until 3 times its actual bandwidth.

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