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Bio-Ethical Challenges. The Challenges of Global Bio-Ethics & Bio-Technology

Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb; [email protected]
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Bio-Ethics has become a topic that we are already confronted with in our every day lives. It is a topic of which we need to have at least a basic knowledge of. It is a topic that is written about the most these days. All levels of scientists and non-scientists are writing about this topic. It is discussed from a religious, cultural, philosophical, legal, sociological, and even political viewpoint. Today, we can safely say that it is a sign of how people and various societies have become aware of the importance and seriousness of bio-ethics itself as a problem of life. And regardless of the different views and stances that bio-ethics has, it always has one common point that we call life. At the same time, everyone wishes to respect life and its processes at every level of development or period. If we start from that fact then we could and should all be able to understand each other because no-one should be allowed to underestimate or change basic biological laws by which life is born and progresses. Aware of this fact, in the first section of the article, the author questions the reasons for the emergence of bio-ethics and then traces its path of development. The author then reflects on the challenges of bio-ethics that are notices in already accepted and growing bio-ethics or new paradigms and of a rapid and slightly irresponsible development of bio-technology and bio-medicine. In the third section the author brings some Christian-Catholic and theological answers to the questions and challenges of new sciences and global bioethics. He points out the fact that there are at least two bio-ethics: layman's and religious.

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