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Marine Fisheries Information Service No.131

Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
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  • Marine Fisheries Information Service


ISSN 0254-380 X T£RT MARINE FISHERIES INFORMATION SERVICE AUGUST 1994 rT«l9~ftcf£t XZ<t TECHNICAL AND ffeTCcirc v3t^5T«Tc5$t EXTENSION SERIES %7^lCT FHJtft TTlfcFtraft CENTRAL MARINE FISHERIES OTJWQra TT*dCT RESEARCH INSTITUTE 93lfCT, WTcT COCHIN, INDIA INDIAN COUNCIL OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH ^ p f t wf^FWffr ^ T T ^ N T : ^5ft Ttfwpft <rc ansrffa 3fgsTsw <rft»nwt # airatosf, »rcw 3#>ft THE MARINE FISHERIES INFORMATION SERVICE : Technical and Extension Series envisages dissemination of information on marine fishery resources based on research results to the planners, industry and fish farmers and transfer of technology from laboratory to field. Abbreviation - Mar. Fish. Infor. Serv., T&E Sen, No. 131 : August 1994 CONTENTS STcPfej 1. Studies on the infestation of an isopod crustacean, Cirolana fluviatilis in some parts of the Cochin backwaters, Kerala 2. Observations on the fishery of croakers (Sciaenidae) in the trawling grounds off Rameswaram Island 3. Cryobanking potentials of marine shrimp gametes 4. Evaluation of group discussion on developing oyster culture in Kerala 5. On the strike by seafood exporters at Visakhapatnam Fisheries Harbour in Andhra Pradesh 6. On a whale shark landed at Kovalam, Kanyakumari 7. On a zebra shark landed along the norteast coast of India 1. - # # T % TiR ^ T 3 31l$«lMU *AR)WH rmldHI <*Nc£/qW/2/tf« %" Tim TR 3T«FR 3. W$ f3T2 M z f ^ 1 * 4 l ¥ + ' l 6. +)c(<rm "Si 3Hc|dR.d tclPT " ^ 7. *tTCcl % 3 ^ "<J5f cTC 3 3Hc(dRd #$TT ^ T Front cover photo : Dorsal, ventral and lateral views of Cirolana fluviatilis the isopod which has undergone a population explosion in the Kumbalangi area of the Cochin backwaters (Ref. Article 1). arorfa sftr W f f a ^ T (tfetf : eRl - I ) Back couer photo : A live prawn of Penaeus indicus being attacked by the isopod Cirolana fluviatilis (Ref. Article 1). STUDIES ON THE INFESTATION OF AN ISOPOD CRUSTACEAN, CIROLANA FLUVIATIUS IN SOME PARTS OF THE COCHIN BA

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