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Letter from Phoebe Huang, Comtex Scientific Corporation to Joshua Lederberg

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1 ti Scientific DataLink 850 Third Avenue New York, N.Y 70022 (212) 838-7200 A Lhsron 01 Comtex Scientrtic Corporation March 25, 1986 Sclantfflc Advisory Board Dr. Bruce G. Buchanan Dr. Francis H. C. Crick LM,ngu,shed Research Prolessor The Salk Insbtufe for E/olog,cal Studres Nobel Iawe& 01. Alan .I. Perlis Eugene Hlgg/ns Prolessor Cept 0fCompurer Scence Yale Univers!ty Dr. Frederick Seitz Resdent Emerrius The Rockeleller Unrvers!ty Dr. Charles H. Townes unrversity Professor of physics Unrversify of CaCfom~a. Serkeley Nobel laureate Dr. Joshua Lederberg President The Rockefeller University 1230 York Avenue New York, N.Y. 10021 Dr. Phoebe hang Drecfor; Soenthc Data Serwces Dear Dr. Lederberg: Since you’ve been involved (at times involuntarily) with Scientific DataLink (SOL), I wanted you to know that I will be leaving SOL at the end of April, 1986. With the help and support of a group from the Information Industry, I am creating an AI information company - Aitek. On behalf of all of the SOL staff, I want to thank you for any help you‘ve given us. The AI collections we’ve already published do, I believe, make a contribution to the growth of AI as an academic discipline as well as the growth of AI as a set of commercial technologies. These collections include the AI technical reports from: MIT (both the pre-1979 and post 1979-83 papers) Stanford University (the SAIL papers and the Knowledge Systems Laboratory collection) Carnegie-Mellon University SRI International Bolt Beranek & Newman Rutgers University Yale University We have also brought out the Pattern Recognition/Image Processing collection from Purdue University, the work of the late K.S. Fu, and a Computer Vision collection from the University of Maryland. The groundwork is being done to ensure that these remaining AI collections are published this year: University of Edinburgh University of Texas, Austin University of Massachusetts Univer

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