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APOAV (T-1131>C) variant has no effect on mother's height in a large population study

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Abstract ral ss BioMed CentLipids in Health and Disease Open AcceCommentary APOAV (T-1131>C) variant has no effect on mother's height in a large population study Jaroslav A Hubacek*1,2, Zdena Skodova1, Vera Adamkova1, Vera Lanska1, Dagmar Bobkova1,2 and Rudolf Poledne1,2 Address: 1Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic and 2Centre for Experimental Cardiovascular Research, Prague, Czech Republic Email: Jaroslav A Hubacek* - [email protected]; Zdena Skodova - [email protected]; Vera Adamkova - [email protected]; Vera Lanska - [email protected]; Dagmar Bobkova - [email protected]; Rudolf Poledne - [email protected] * Corresponding author Abstract The important role of APOAV gene T-1131>C variant in determination of plasma triglyceride levels has been proved on many population studies. Recently, associations between C-1131 allele and higher mother's height as well as with longer fetal birth length were suggested. In 1,305 females, aged between 28 and 67 years and having at least one child, we have analyzed a putative association between T-1131>C APOAV variant (analyzed by PCR and restriction analysis) and body height. Mother's body height did not differ between T/T homozygotes (N = 1093, 162.5 ± 6.5 cm) and C allele carriers (N = 212, 162.1 ± 6.4 cm). Thus we have failed to confirm, that mothers with APOAV C-1131 allele are higher than T/T-1131 homozygotes. Introduction We read with interest the study by Ward et al. [1] on the association between the T-1131>C APOAV variant and plasma levels of triglycerides in pregnancy. In agreement with some previously published population's studies with different design [2-8], they described an association between higher levels of plasma triglyceride and the pres- ence of C-1131 allele also in a group of healthy pregnant women. Additionally, they have found an interesting association between allele C-1131 and higher mother's height and as well as with fetal birth length. The T-1131>C variant has been

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