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The linguistic purism of Jozo Dujmušić

Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics
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  • Jozo Dujmušić
  • Jezični Purizam
  • Hrvatski Standardni Jezik
  • Ksenofobni Purizam
  • Elitistički Purizam
  • Reformistički Purizam
  • Jozo Dujmušić
  • Linguistic Purism
  • Croatian Standard Language
  • Xenophobic Purism
  • Elitist Purism
  • Reformist Purism
  • Linguistics


The following paper will try to present and contextualize Dujmušić’s linguistic contributions to the preservation of the Croatian language. Works on linguistic purism may be classified according to Thomas’s categorization of puristic activity (1991). Dujmušić’s “Antibarbarus hrvatskoga jezika” is one of the most interesting and also one of the most extensive studies in the field of linguistic purism. The work is quite compelling, not only because of its obscurity in linguistic circles, but also due to the fact that during the Vukovian and anti-Vukovian opposition, Dujmušić had been an advocate of the weaker, anti-Vukovian party. Ever since, there has been no scientific response to Dujmušić’s work – his linguistic contributions are yet to be represented and evaluated.

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