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The Children's Fund: six case studies

Department for Education and Skills


Layout 1 The Children’s Fund Six Case Studies The Children’s Fund was introduced in 2000 to provide increased and better coordinated preventative services for 5-13-year-olds and their families. Local partnerships administer the fund, working to pre-empt and tackle social exclusion in their communities through a range of approaches, including: l Work with children in school l Family support and parenting programmes l Play and after-school support l Youth crime prevention l Capacity building From promoting emotional well-being to tackling youth offending, there is a natural synergy between the aims of the Children’s Fund and those of the Every Child Matters: Change for Children national programme, launched in December 2004. Speaking at the Children’s Fund National Conference on 2 March 2005, Margaret Hodge, the previous Minister for Children, Young People and Families, said that “the Children’s Fund is a model for what we need to achieve if we are to deliver the Every Child Matters agenda.” Children’s Fund Partnerships are already at the heart of the drive to transform preventative services for children aged 5-13, and have pioneering experience in areas such as: l Partnership working and joint strategic commissioning l Integrating front-line service provision l Capacity building with the community sector l Developing child and family-centred services l Children’s and young people’s participation The six examples in this brochure aim to show how Children’s Fund teams and projects around the country are putting these principles into practice to make a real difference for children and families at home, at school and in the wider community. They are also looking to the future, building on successful projects and helping to develop children’s trust arrangements nationwide. Six case studies n Sheffield n Gateshead n London n Leicester n Hartlepool n Somerset n Sheffield Darnall and Tinsley ‘O

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