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Falling-weight impact loading test of a 1/2 scale model of the RC rock-shed with sand cushion

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  • Rc製ロックシェッド模型
  • 敷砂緩衝材
  • 重錘落下衝撃実験
  • Rc Rock-Shed Model
  • Sand Cushion
  • Falling-Weight Impact Loading Test
  • 510
  • Design


In order to accumulate basic knowledge for establishing the rational performance-based impact resistant design procedures of RC rock-sheds, the consecutive falling-weight impact test of a 1/2 scale model of the RC rock-shed with 90 cm thick sand cushion was conducted. In this test, impact response behavior of the rock-shed from the elastic through plastic region was investigated by increasing falling height of the weight. From this study, following results were obtained: 1) maximum impact force can be better evaluated by means of Hertz contact theory with Lame's constant λ = 1,000 kN/m2 and amplification factor due to aspect ratio of diameter of falling weight to thickness of sand cushion; and 2) roof of the rock-shed model with sand cushion reached ultimate state in the flexural failure mode.

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