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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Jean Brachet

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JOSHUALEDERBE PRESIDENT THE RO 1230 YORK G CKEFE AVENUE LLE R UN1 NEWYO May 29, 1987 :VERS RK,NYl ITY 0021 Jean Brachet f Dr. v Professor Emeritus University of Brussels 1050 Brussels Belgium Dear Professor Brachet: I had a pleasant nostalgia to read your brief memoir (in ms. for The Scientist) about the cytochemistry of RNA. You said you worked this out "around 1939". Can you not be more precise? The publication I know about was presented at the meeting, 30 November 1939, in Brussels and published in 1940. I did not hear of it until 1942 or 1943. I marvel that the C.R. Sot. Biol. continued publication with so little interruption. Did Caspersson demonstrate RNA in the nucleolus before 1940? By what method? * Save you written any more extensive autobiographical memoir? Yours sincerely,

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