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Determinants of Farm Productivity in Africa: A Synthesis of Four Case Studies

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C:\aecweb\IDWP\idp\IDP22.fnl Determinants of Farm Productivity in Africa: A Synthesis of Four Case Studies by Thomas Reardon, Valerie Kelly, Eric Crawford, Thomas Jayne, Kimseyinga Savadogo, and Daniel Clay MSU International Development Papers MSU International Department of Agricultural Economics Development Paper No. 22 Department of Economics 1996 MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY East Lansing, Michigan 48824 MSU is an affirmative-action/equal-opportunity institution. MSU INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PAPERS Carl Liedholm and Michael T. Weber Editors The MSU International Development Paper series is designed to further the comparative analysis of international development activities in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Near East. The papers report research findings on historical, as well as contemporary, international development problems. The series includes papers on a wide range of topics, such as alternative rural development strategies; nonfarm employment and small scale industry; housing and construction; farming and marketing systems; food and nutrition policy analysis; economics of rice production in West Africa; technological change, employment, and income distribution; computer techniques for farm and marketing surveys; farming systems and food security research. The papers are aimed at teachers, researchers, policy makers, donor agencies, and international development practitioners. Selected papers will be translated into French, Spanish, or other languages. Individuals and institutions in Third World countries may receive single copies of papers published since 1993 free of charge. Requests for copies and for information on available papers may be sent to: MSU International Development Papers Department of Agricultural Economics 219 Agriculture Hall Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1039 U.S.A. Information concerning how to purchase MSU International Development Papers is included in the back of this publication and requests should

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