Mercosur-European Community strategy paper 2002-2006. 10 September 2002

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Mercosur-European Community strategy paper 2002-2006. 10 September 2002


Mercosur: European Community Regional Strategy Paper 2002-2006 1 EUROPEAN COMMISSION EXTERNAL RELATIONS DIRECTORATE GENERAL DIRECTORATE Latin America Mercosur, Chile Unit 0HUFRVXU�'HVN 0(5&2685�±�(8523($1�&20081,7< 5(*,21$/�675$7(*<�3$3(5 ��������� &63�0HUFRVXU����VHSWHPEHU����� 2 7$%/(�2)�&217(176 $��(;(&87,9(�6800$5< %��5(*,21$/�675$7(*<�3$3(5 ��� (&� &2�23(5$7,21� 2%-(&7,9(6��� 0(5&2685¶6� 32/,&< $*(1'$ ���$1$/<6,6�2)�7+(�0(5&2685�6,78$7,21 3.1. Regional integration process within Mercosur 3.2. Institutions and bodies steering the Mercosur process 3.3. Regional and international context of Mercosur 3.4. Sustainability of current policies 3.5. Medium-term challenges ���3$67�$1'�&855(17�(&�&2�23(5$7,21 4.1. Past EC support 4.2. The Memorandum of Understanding 2000-2006 4.3. National and regional EC co-operation 4.4. Lessons and Experiences ���7+(�(&�5(63216(�675$7(*< 5.1. General objectives and principles 5.2. Policy mix and coherence with EC policies 5.3. Intervention priorities ���5(*,21$/�,1',&$7,9(�352*5$00(���������� 6.1. Completion of Internal Market of Mercosur 6.2. Stronger institutionalisation of Mercosur 6.3. Support for civil society in Mercosur &��$11(;(6 Annex I Mercosur institutions Annex II Mercosur common external tariff Annex III Mercosur agreements Annex IV MoU for pluriannual co-operation UE-Mercosur 2000-2006 Annex V Overview EU-Mercosur Co-operation Annex VI Bilateral Co-operation with Mercosur countries and the Mercosur MoU Annex VII Comparison between Mercosur’s Re-Launch Agenda and the MoU 2001 areas of intervention Annex VIII Mercosur data Annex IX Matrix Donors Annex X Mercosur Regional Indicative Programme 3 $��(;(&87,9(�6800$5< Mercosur represents an on going process of regional integration with Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay as full members, and with Bolivia and Chile as associate members. Mercosur covers a wide variety of policy areas ranging from the creation of a regional common market and a full macr

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